uDriver board flashing issue

Ciao all,

currently we’re a bit understaffed because of the holiday period so I’m trying to flash the uDriver boards by myself. Note that I’m on a windows machine, not a Linux machine (possibly this is causing some issues as well)

So I managed to get through most of the steps in the explanation on Github, but I’m now stuck at the compiling part… I get a few errors and warnings that I believe should not be there. Hopefully someone can help me out with issue: @jviereck?

Hi Chundri,
we haven’t tried to compile the firmware on Windows lately. Is there a chance you can get hold of a Linux or Mac machine and try to compile there?

Otherwise, I noticed one of your folders contains a space in the name. This might screw things up. Can you try to move to a path without a space and see if the problem still persists?


Ciao Julian,

I later noticed that I completely skipped the first few steps of copying in the motorware from TI and patching this one file. Although the directory names in the explanation are a bit confusing (for the patching it talks about udriver_firmware, where in fact you need to be in the firmware directory inside of that directory)…

In the end I managed to flash all 6 uDriver boards which means the rest of the explanation is quite good as I don’t have any background in software. This also means that it is possible to compile the firmware on a Windows machine.

Next to this I would like to share with you all that you do not need the expensive Spectrum Digital JTAG emulator. I bought a very cheap XDS100 V2 emulator from ebay for 20 euro that worked fine as well for flashing. I also tried an Olimex XDS100 V2 emulator that costs about 60 euro and also this works well. I guess that would be good to share with other people since it is much cheaper (and maybe they already have one of these emulators at their university or research institute

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Hello, thanks for the alternative on programmer, we will add them to the documentation.


I am successfully flash using Ubuntu but now windows
Could you share how to flash using windows and with program you used?
I don’t know how to do patch in windows, I still have some error in Windows

I’m not on Windows, so can’t verify, but according to a post by a Windows user, the following command should work for patching on Windows:

patch {file} {patch} --verbose --binary

Apart from the patching, I think everything should work the same as on Linux.

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Thank you for the reply.
I have never apply file patch in Windows, so I will try to figure it out what to use,.
it’s usually easy using Linux via terminal.