Buying MicroBoard with Flasher

Dear All,
I am Master Degree student and urgently looking to buy microboard V2 for my project. I already tried the BETA they are saying compoentns are out of stock.

I am requesting if someone has a spare uBoard V2 and I am willing to pay the price. It’s very urgent for my project I might loose my degree because of it.

Dear Nabeel,

we also ran out of the Microdriver boards and cannot order new ones because of the chip shortage.

You could ask PAL Robotics if they still have some in stock.

Best. Felix

Thank you so much for your reply Mr. Felix. I will ask PAL Robotics and I would really appreciate if you could inform me if anywhere is available.

Dear @fgrimminger
Could you please tell me (or anybody else would be welcome to answer this) if there is an alternative for the uDriver Board we can use for Brushless DC motors - "Antigravity T-motors MN6007 Kv160**?

I mean, if this board is not available due to a shortage of chips. Do you use any other board to perform the same functionality with the same programming environment and features?

Dear Nabeel,

How many uBoard V2 do  you need for your project ?

@erich.hoo Thank you so much for reply. For now I need one board. To control two brushless DC motors. I hope that is enough.

In future 35 of them.

Dear Nabeel,
uDrive V2 still need a Master Board if you want to control two brushless DC through spi protocol, or you can use it by CAN .
because of the shortage of DRV5305 , i only got a few chips, and made a few uDrive V2 by hand, i soldered every capacitor、resistor and ic . they can work, but did not look so good as the boards from BetaLayout.
you can send me email

Could you please show me boards. I have contacted you over the email. I would be very grateful.

Dear Nabeel,

I am not aware of any fully compatible boards that would allow you to use the same programming environment and features.

You could use other motor driver boards like the Tinymovr or the ODrive - but those won’t work with the Masterboard and our software environment.

For now we keep working with the MicroDriver boards that we had ordered in the past.

Best. Felix

Thank you for your response. I will see my options.

Hi there,

I’m building a Solo-12 as well and yesterday managed to buy all components for the driver boards and the master board - I used multiple distributors though and made the boards on JLCPCB (planning to solder them at home). Which components are the most problematic for you?

The gate drivers I managed to find on Mouser (I’m in the UK) here but there aren’t many in stock so you might want to be quick! The TI store seems to have a lot in stock too.


I actually need a assembled board of u Driver. I asked from chinese distributors too but they charge alot around 700 USD per board which is ridiculously expensive.

Are you talking about full board?

The soldering part is really hectic. I unfortunately don’t have time for that.

Ah, yes, that’s fair enough - for me it’s a hobby project so I’m leaning a bit more towards the DIY side :slight_smile:

In any case though, if only a few components can’t be sourced by Beta and you can find them manually, maybe you could ask them to place everything apart from those few and you could manually solder the rest, but I’m not sure…

oh, are you referring to me as the chinese distributors ?
You probably misunderstood my point.

First, i am not a distributor, just a robot hobbyist like you, I sended email to BetaLayout and got nothing because of the chip shortage last year.

Second, I just replyed you $500 for one uDriverV2. Because of the chip shortage, especially DRV8305, i payed $100 for one chip, other TI chips were expensive too last year.

i can’t wait one year and i think it is worth. so i do it by myself.

last, The less chips are produced, the more expensive they are.

No. I am not saying you are Chinese distributor. Excuse me for confusion. I have actually contacted them over internet for quotes of uDriver Board and was very expensive.