Udriver Flashing Issues

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to flash the micro driver using these instructions. Everything seems fine until I try to start the debugger. I get the following error:

Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator_0/C28xx : Target must be connected before loading program.

Now when I check the system information on my laptop the micro driver seems to be connected so I’m not sure why CCS can’t recognize it. There’s also the issue that there are two red LEDs lighting up on the micro driver and I’m not sure why. On the github it says it means there is some kind of error but it isn’t specific.

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which board are you using, a TI launchpad or an ODRI µDriver board? In the latter case, what JTag probe are you using? I had problems in the past trying to use a XDS100v3 probe (instead of v2) but I think the error I got was a bit different.

Have you previously been able to flash the board or is it the first attempt? In case it has not been flashed before, our documentation regarding the meaning of the LEDs does not apply, as the firmware is not yet running. I have to admit that I don’t know the meaning of the red LEDs in this case.


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I’m using an ODRI µDriver board and a XDS100v2 probe. This is my first time flashing the board so you are probably right about the LEDs.

I was testing with a board here and actually ran into the same error.
I’m not sure what was causing it but I could resolve it by simply starting again with a clean workspace. More concretely, I did the following steps:

  1. Remove the project from CCS
  2. Go to the directory containing the udriver_firmware repository. Revert any local changes and remove untracked files (in my case there was some change in some CCS settings file as well as an untracked .launch file). git status should not show any change or untracked file.
  3. Import the project again in CCS and try again.

After this, the connection error was gone and I could run the debugger.

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Hey,bro,does your mirco driver work well with udriver firmware?