Problems about Micro Driver

Hello every one
Finally i got my Micro Driver now,now i am testing it.

The firmware and control code are same as i did for the TI board.

There are some problems i can’t figure out why:

  1. when calibrating,the motor sounds noisy
  2. when i try to control the motor with PI policy,the motor also noisy.

If i replace the Micro Driver with TI board,keep motor and CAN same,those problems disappear,no noise when calibration and control.

Here is the video when testing the Micro Dirver:

Does anybody know what cause those problem?I really have no idea about that!

Thanks very much.

I flash the Micro driver with udriver firmware of CAN version,and communicate through CAN,does this cause the problem?

I do test for another Micro board using debug mode.
When i use Universal Dual Motor GUI to control the motor:

  1. Spring Mode works,but still also noisy
  2. Two red len on,the green led on,and the yellow led blinks fast when enable system,then blinks per secs.

I check the udriver firmware code,the code seems will stop the system and set red led on when any error occurs,but according to the test,red led is on and system doesn’t stop.

I met the same problem,do you solve it?

sorry i make a mistake,the red led connected to DRV83053PHPR is on,not the red led connected to the F28069M

I’m not too familiar with the design of the microdrivers–I just bought them and used them (via the SPI instead of the CAN interface). But based on my experience debugging it, I had the red LEDs come on during early testing whenever my power supply could not supply the required current when moving motors. It then enters a fault state with the red LED and noisy motors, which can be exited by pressing a physical reset button on the board. There are some other threads in this forum describing this behaviour, for example here: Motors stop working after a fast movement - #2 by fgrimminger

I’m hoping someone more familiar with the hardware/firmware of the micro driver can confirm/follow up!


How do you solve this problem?

Pressing the reset button means restart the micro driver,in this state,motor control hasn’t start to work,so the led is off.

I increase the voltage to 30V following the Motors stop working after a fast movement - Electronics - Open Dynamic Robot Initiative Forum ( advice, problem still exist!

Sorry, I realized that my suggestion was wrong–I see in your first video now that the red LED isn’t on there. So my suggestion of current limits is likely not the issue.

I haven’t encountered this type of behaviour myself, so I don’t have suggestions for solving this. The only other possibility I can think of are the motor phase wires–if you swap two of the motor wire connections, do you get the same behaviour?:

Sorry about that. I’m hoping that someone else could give additional suggestions.


The motor wire connection is ok,the noise happens when motor calicrate,this is weird.

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udriver already exist the code to read 8305 status using SPI, i open those codes,the register 2 value is:

The last picture shows that PVDD_UVLO2 is set,does this matter?

I met the same problem too, have all you guys solved it now?

the status registers 0x03 was read through spi, PVDD_UVLO2 was seted 1, It seem that the driver output was pull down, motor stop rotating.

But i hava no idea how to solve it?

I ask the engineer of TI for help,he say that the voltage of PVDD maybe too low.
The power supply is 24V, so i still don’t know what cause this problem.

I recheck the micro driver order information,because my mistake,copper thickness is wrong,only 18 um !
Is this the real reason cause the problem?

Does anybody alos order micro dirver too and everything is ok?

we haven’t seen this problem here so I asked the designer of the board Jonathan Fiene @jfiene for advice.

Here is his reply:

That is indeed really noisy! I’m skeptical that the copper thickness would explain it, but it is possible. I’d suggest to measure the PVDD on the DRV driver ICs with a oscilloscope, as the thinner copper could introduce enough resistance to reduce that voltage below the optimal level.

The voltage level actually has a wide valid range (4.4 to 45V), but it does need to be reasonably stable. I’d suggest to watch that pin with a scope to see if it’s stable, and perhaps compare with a TI board.

Did you order multiple micro driver boards?
Did you test the other ones to see if this problem occurs with all of them?

Best. Felix

I had found that the value of “C13, C14, C15, C49, C56, C57” capacitor in the schematic diagram were 2200pf, but in the bom form them were 0.047uf. does this make a difference?

I don’t know why the capacitor values are different.
But all the micro driver boards that we have here are working and were ordered based on the values in that BOM.
So that has to be fine.
Good luck with finding the issue.

thanks a lot, I had replaced the “C13, C14, C15, C49, C56, C57” capacitor with 2200pf and tested last week, 2200pf and 0.047uf,their behavior are nothing different.

Do you have some recommended additional debugging tips for this, or issues I might have overlooked?

Sorry - we’ve never had this problem here.
We’re not sure what causes it.
Could be a manufacturing issue - but that’s difficult to verify.

Dear @Ianiakeawhite, Which TI board did you use as an alternative to uDriver board which performs the same functionality as it is?