Error during Debugging CCS Composer code

After successfully testing motors using TI launchpad using Dual Motors CAN, all of a sudden the motors stopped working and I get the following error in the DEbug.

proj_lab01c [Code Composer Studio - Device Debugging]
Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator_0/C28xx (Suspended - SW Breakpoint)
main() at proj_lab01c.c:149 0x00A87E
_args_main() at args_main.c:137 0x00BCE3
c_int00() at boot28.asm:264 0x00B9FB (the entry point was reached)
Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator_0/CLA_0 (Disconnected : Unknown)

I have used several CCS Composer FOC and SPIN labs and everything worked very well.

Please could you advise?

can you post a screenshot when Error occur?
According the output,it seems the code stop at a breakpoint

It got sorted. Inadvertently I had mistyped something leading to a breakpoint. Thanks for the quick response.