Sudden Problem with TI Launchpad Dual Motor can control

After having tested the TI launchpad with Dual Motor torque control both in Spring Mode and varying the speed using the GUI, I’m facing this sudden problems with the same software and the boards:

  • It works well with the Lab 1c, both motors rotate and reads the encoder
  • On flashing it with the sofrware on GitHub, the following happens:
    - in the setup phase, the motors jerk without any humming noise and it shows as ‘Aligning’. The Alignment shows ‘Ready’ after completion.
    - when I increase the Iq, the motor starts rotating and then stops. The blue LEd goes steady and then motors are permanently disabled.

I have changed the phase wires, measured the resistance, changed the Launchpad, but there is no change. I have tried to look at the diagnostics of the Booster card using the Debug registers but they offer no clue.

I have kept the software paramters such as the Decimation factors, frequencies the same as in the Github. They were working earlier, so I dont know whats happened.

Has anyone faced this?