Please help korea student , CAN ERROR

HELLO, i’m studying in Kookmin university in korea. Now, we have problem. when we connect board by USB port and debugging code in CCS it was no problem. but when we connect with can port and debugging code in CCS,

Error connecting to the target:
(Error -151 @ 0x0)
One of the FTDI driver functions used during the connect
returned bad status or an error. The cause may be one or
more of: no XDS100 is plugged in, invalid XDS100 serial number,
blank XDS100 EEPROM, missing FTDI drivers, faulty USB cable.
Use the xds100serial command-line utility in the ‘common/uscif’
folder to verify the XDS100 can be located.
(Emulation package

This Error is coming. I don’t know the solution. Please help me

Sorry i think i make a mistake.

If both USB and CAN connecting to the board,we can send messages using CAN ,so we can debug code in CCS.

The error you posted seems you have plugged out the USB from the computer.

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