Building a leg test stand v1 - help required with sensors and connections


I am building this

Having seen the software on github,, could you advise:

  • Is there is a schematic showing the electrical connections? I can connect the motors using the TI boards which have been tested. However, there are several sensors like the potentiometer, IMU and Force sensor, with the software reading data from there.Are the sensors also connected to the TI board or is there a separate sensor reading circuit?
  • is there a youtube video showing the operation?


Hello Vijay,

You can find the pin assignment for connecting the potentiometers here: TI Evaluation Board Pin Assignment

The maximum voltage on the analog input pins is 3.3V!
Both channels (Analog A and Analog B) are read and transmitted at 1kHz.

We’ve been connecting the IMU and the Force/Torque sensor separately.
For the test stand we are using an IMU with a USB interface: 3DMGX5-AHRS
The ATI force torque sensor that we are using transmits the data via ethernet connection.

Here are two videos.

Best. Felix