Where to find the Simulation code mentioned in the ICRA paper?


I am reading the paper “A Real-Robot Dataset for Assessing Transferability
of Learned Dynamics Models”. In section C, it is mentioned that the code is available but I haven’t been able to find it yet. Can anyone guide me, please?

Disclaimer: I haven’t been involved in this particular project, so I can’t give a definite answer.

I found this repository which belongs to the paper: GitHub - rr-learning/transferable_dynamics_dataset: Datasets and code to evaluate transferability of dynamics learning methods.
From quickly looking at it, it is not clear to me if it includes the simulation code you are looking for but at least it has mujoco in it’s dependencies, so there seems to be some simulation-related stuff in it.

If this repo does not contain what you are looking for, it’s probably best if you contact the first author of the paper directly.


Hello Felix,

Thank you for your response and for the explanation!

To be honest, I had no prior knowledge of Mujoco before reading your comment, thanks for the insight. However, I’m still having a bit of trouble pinpointing where the dependencies are in all of this. Could you give me a bit of guidance in that regard? I’ve been with the GitHub repository and working with the provided code for the past month, but I haven’t seen the simulation files so far.

More specifically, I’m keen on understanding the masses, inertias, and center of masses for the 3DOF leg. You mentioned reaching out to the authors as a potential step – I guess I’ll do so.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.


you can find some documentation regarding the masses, inertias and center of mass positions here:

Best. Felix

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Hi Felix!

Thank you, that solves my problem.
Also thanks for sharing your work open-source.

Best wishes,

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