Bolt - Simulation and Control on real robot


We are currently building the biped Bolt hardware. We have a couple of questions regarding the softwares, as there are many different packages on the Github…

  • where is the Github repo about control and test on the real robot?
  • where is the repo about simulating the robot walking? Is it written in Pybullet or Mujoco?



Here are some simple tests to check if the robot is working, but they are only for Solo12 and one-leg hopper but should be easy to extend it to Bolt:

Here are the demos for walking controller of Bolt:

For instance you can start with this reactive_planners/ at master · machines-in-motion/reactive_planners · GitHub



how do you generate the reference traj?

when i do the simulation,i also found that the gournd reaction force is hard to handle it well,which cause sometimes the holonomic constraints may violated,Bolt will slip.

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Thanks! I will take a look