Share the Bolt simulation in mujoco

Bolt now can simulation in mujoco now.

Thanks for the urdf file,that save me lots of time,and the meshes file to make Bolt look beautiful.

Trajectory is generated using fmincom.
Control policy i use is inverse dynamics with PD.

BTW,I still can’t make micro dirver work well with udriver v2 firmware, this problem stop me to test control the real Bolt.


This looks nice. Could you let me know where to find the urdf file? To control the robot, are you using mujoco_py or dm_control? Thanks

You can find the urdf and STL files on ODRI’s github.

I do not use mujoco_py or dm_control.
I implement the controller in mujoco by myself,using linearized feedback with PD.

BTW,i use fmincon to generate the reference traj.

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thank u for your work,could you share the controller to make me study how to design the bolt gait ,thank u!

The controller is very simple,just make the joint to track the desired trajectory:

  1. calc the difference between the actual position,velocity and desired position,velocity
  2. use PD to calc the desired torque.

the controller code does not separate from my project,i will do it later.