Solo8 Joints Collide

I’m trying to simulate solo8 in MuJoCo. I exported the urdf for the 2dof_leg_module from solidworks. The loaded model is unstable and it turns out it is due to collision at the joints. Solidworks does detect collisions but I am unable to decipher where it is and how to solve it. Can someone please help to solve this?

which robot version are you trying to simulate?
The Solo8 v1 or the Solo8 v2 robot?
Best. Felix

Sorry I didn’t specify that before. I am trying to simulate Solo8v2.

I haven’t used the Solidworks urdf export software.

For simulation we use simplified models of the segments and the body - like the example of the Solo12 robot in the screenshot below. Simplified STL files Solo12
We then calculate the precise inertia parameters for each segment in Solidworks and document it on Github.
Example Solo12 Inertia Parameters

I meant to do this for the Solo8 v2 robot for a long time - so I’ll work on that next.

Would it help you if you had the simplified STL models and the inertia parameters for the Solo8 v2 robot?

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We have uploaded the simplified STL files for simulation and the inertia parameters to GitHub.
You can find the files here now:

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I appreciate this. Thanks a lot.

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