Simulation, URDF in Pinocchio


I’m trying to run the simulations (trifinger-simulation), but I’m encountering an error with the Pinocchio library that is used in the simulation.

I encountered the error:

AttributeError: module ‘pinocchio’ has no attribute ‘buildModelFromUrdf’

I’ve also tried using ‘buildModel’ instead of ‘buildModelFromUrdf’, but the same problem still exists.

I would appreciate your guidance on this.

Best regards,

Well, it was found out where I was wrong. I was using it on Windows and didn’t know it was supposed to be on Linux. I am using it with Ubuntu on a virtual machine now, and it works fine.

Thanks again for sharing this project open source.


Great that you found a solution, I’m curious why you get this error on Windows though. It’s true that we develop and test only with Linux but I wouldn’t expect that kind of error just because it’s on a different OS.
Do you use a different Python version on Windows?

Hi Felix, thank you for your response.

I’m using Python 3.12 on Windows and 3.10 on Ubuntu, but they seem to be the latest versions I could get on each of them.

Apparently, Pinocchio can only run on Linux and UNIX distributions for now (GitHub - stack-of-tasks/pinocchio: A fast and flexible implementation of Rigid Body Dynamics algorithms and their analytical derivatives).