Microdriver Board Flashing Issues

Hello @thomas.flayols

I am working on flashing the microdriver board according to the guide. But I am having a couple of challenges in getting this work. The flashing was successful and while I was debugging the code, it enters into illegal ISR. And when I was trying to find the cause, I saw that some functions are not implemented in any file in the project e.g. EST_Handle EST_init(void *pMemory, const size_t numBytes). As soon as the code runs into this function, the illegal ISR comes on and the code is stuck there. After several checks, I found that the chip on my driver board is TMS320F28069PZT. I checked the Gerber files for the microdriver and saw that the chip in the PCB is TMS320F28069MPZT. After some research I found these two chips are different as the first one (TMS320F28069PZT) does not support instapin-FOC and instapin-MOTION, while the second one (TMS320F28069PZT) supports it. Could this be the reason why the code is getting trapped in illegal ISR?

Also, I found a forum that says some functions are implemented in the ROM. Is this the case with the TMS320F28069MPZT and these functions that are causing the illegal ISR? Is there a way to see the contents of the ROM?

If it is the case that the issue is because i don’t have the TMS320F28069MPZT, is there a way I can use the TMS320F28069PZT in place of the TMS320F28069MPZT to get the system to work?

Thank you.