[impovement] Online 3d model

Hello guys,
In the last days I found out a link of a 3d model of an open hardware quadruped of another team at Stanford, Pupper.
Additionally I also link the very clear and easy to navigate project page and docs, bom.
I think that we can take some inspiration from the way other guys are sharing their projects public.
In particular, I’m not sure if there’s one already, but I think that some similar model that can be viewable from browser can be a cool plus to show the platform around.
Do you think this this could be a good way to promote the project, maybe this can be open to discussion?

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agreed - the Pupper team has done a very nice job documenting their open-source robot.

We are working on adding the bills of materials - it’s not available for all the systems yet.
Quadruped bill of materials

Embedding the 3d cad model and making it viewable in the browser is a nice feature.
I’ll look into how to do that with Solidworks assemblies.

For now you can download the free eDrawings Viewer and view the eDrawing assembly files on your computer.
Quadruped eDrawing cad assembly file


I saved an Solidworks assembly as a html file.

You can download it here and view it with your browser:
Biped Cad Assembly HTML

It’s 13MB - unfortunately GitHub cannot display files of this size.
I also tried to upload the assembly to 3D Content Central - that didn’t work - the assembly seems to be too complex for that portal.

It seems that we would have to store the html files somewhere online and then embed the html file into a GitHub page with an iFrame block.

Solidworks Forum

Any ideas on where to store the files?
Other advice?

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Hi Felix,

The 3d model you sent looks pretty good in the browser, it also has some nice features like the exploded view and full assembly tree. I guess that there may be better ways to host it, since it’s an html, probably nim65s has some ideas regarding this?

I am gonna host it in the main page of the website: https://open-dynamic-robot-initiative.github.io
Let us hope the github page will like it!

I started hosted the 3D model in the main page.
I may spend some time trying to work on the beautification of the main html portal.

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I think that is a nice addition to the page, and will look even better when the robots will increase in number!

This looks really nice, do we also have the edrawing for solo12?

Great. Thanks for your help, Max.

Yes - I added the edrawing file for Solo12.

Solo12 standing
Solo 12 sitting
Link on GitHub page