Bugfix in CAN Firmware: Inverted LEDs

For everyone using the CAN-version of the udriver firmware:

There was a regression in our MotorWare patch causing the status of the LEDs to be inverted (i.e. they were off when they should be on and vice versa).

This is now fixed in the MotorWare patch on the master branch of udriver_firmware.

If you already have a workspace set up using the old patch, you can also apply the change manually, it’s just these two lines:

--- a/sw/modules/hal/boards/boostxldrv8305_revA/f28x/f2806x/src/hal_2mtr.h
+++ b/sw/modules/hal/boards/boostxldrv8305_revA/f28x/f2806x/src/hal_2mtr.h
@@ -123 +123 @@ extern "C" {
-#define HAL_turnLedOff            HAL_setGpioLow
+#define HAL_turnLedOff            HAL_setGpioHigh
@@ -128 +128 @@ extern "C" {
-#define HAL_turnLedOn             HAL_setGpioHigh
+#define HAL_turnLedOn             HAL_setGpioLow