Master Board Initializing issues after a bad experiment on solo12


Recently, the Master Board does not initialize (the red light does not blink) after an experiment that goes wrong with Solo12. For example - legs move at high velocities after which the safety controller is deployed etc… The robot has no hardware damage thanks to the safety controller. However, after the robot is restarted (powered off and on) the master board does not seem to turn on (the master board sdk demo does not work either as it fails to connect to it). This has happened with two master boards and both of them now do not initialize now.

Is it possible that the master boards are frying because of sudden surge in current drawn by the motors when the legs move fast (the micro drivers and master boards are all connected in series with the power wires in our Solo12)? If so, I am not sure why this is happening now since I was able to run highly dynamic motions on Solo before (like jumps etc…) without any issues?

Any suggestions on how I can prevent further master boards from failing would be very helpful or how to debug this issue?

I am happy to add pictures of the wire connections on solo12, if my explanation of the problem is not clear.


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