Hopping motion using 2 DOF - guidance required


I have managed to successfully test 1 leg using the various BLMC drivers/ demos (C++), on the Ubuntu 22.04 and ROS2 Hunble. I’m using the TI Launchpad using CAN. Questions:

  1. I’m now building the Test stand to test the jumping gait and conduct various experiments. Could you advise any software to generate the jumping gait. There appear to be various repositiories on the GitHub such as Teststand, solo, solo8, etc. All thse repositories are using different tools like the dynamic graph manager and some FK and IK utilities. Any advicse will be useful.

  2. So far i’m not using the RT-Pfreempt, and except for the error message that ‘it is not real-time’, the BLMC drivers seems to be working without it. Could this be a problem later?


According to my knowage,i think can do this way:

  1. use optimize tools like fmincom in matlab or ipopt or other tools to generate the jumping traj.
  2. then use simple pd control policy to control the single leg.