Changing Stiffness using CAN


One can change stiffness in the Dual Motor Torque Controller in Code Composer GUI for testing - default value of 10. This can only be done if it is not in the CAN mode.

I have been testing one leg successfully using the BLMC Drivers in jumping and walking gait using the Launchpad and Booster DRV8305M. Is it possible to change the stiffness through the software through CAN? For example, there is a safeMotor object where the max current can be changed.

Could you advise please?



Hello Vijay,

(sorry for the late response, I just came back from vacation)

I’m afraid it is currently not possible to change the stiffness through CAN. See the CAN protocol documentation on the available commands that can be sent. It is possible to enable/disable the spring mode but not to change any of its parameters (we only use it for basic testing, so it never mattered to us).

If you really need it, you could modify the firmware to extend the protocol but a probably easier alternative could be to implement the controller on the PC-side and send the resulting torque commands to the motor board (if I recall correctly, the “spring mode” is just a simple P-controller).


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