Master Board Flashing Error

Hi Thomas @thomas.flayols I am trying to flash a master board with the guide on the link but I am having some errors as shown below. Please any help in resolving this?


Did you power the masterboard with via the DC power input?
You have to power the masterboard V2 with at least 10V.

If you did, you could check that you have 3.3V on the VCC pin of the esp32 module (or IMU connector for example)


Hi Thomas, thank you for your response.

I saw a post that said I could use 24V which I had tried, but didn’t work. The master board is no longer powering on. Now I am using another master board and powering with about 5V, I get invalid head of packet. When I increase to 12v it says the same thing. All this is when I run “ flash_id”. I get same error when I run “ set_flash_voltage 3.3V”.
The screenshots below

However, I observe that below 9.2V, the D2 led is stable green, but above that threshold, it blinks green. But I still get invalid head packet with different codes every time I run the command.