Another Solo12 walking

I got mine walking. It’s not as slick as some of the walks Felix & co at ODRI have shown, but maybe it’s interesting because:


Wow that’s impressive! This is the first time I’ve heard of Visibot too. Any particular reason you prefer to write the gait in Visibot over traditional languages? I’m pretty curious now about how you were able to achieve this/your experience on working on your Solo12 with Visibot :slight_smile:

I’m the author of Visibot, so I’m eating my own dogfood here. But the goal is to be an IDE, like Unity for video games, that makes it easy to hack up a new behavior in hours rather than days. General-purpose robots will need hundreds of behaviors in order to be useful, so we’re going to need good tools.

The latest: I have it walking backwards, forwards, turning and strafing from keyboard control.


The latest behavior: Solo12 walking and praising its creator - YouTube

It’s trickier than it looks, because there are several different dynamic balance regimes for every combination of feet and knees that can be touching the ground. You can see the code and live motion capture at

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