Power Management Board's C20 value

Hello, I am ordering the power mangement board. But there is a component, C20 which have not a valid capacitance value.
It says value is DNP. Can anyone tell me what the capacitance has to be?

In addition, I also want to know the specific product models and packages of SW1/2, R6 and F1.

Hi, DNP stand for Do Not Populate, This capacitor was optional and plan for tests during development.

For SW1 SW2, I’ve used KMR221GLFS (https://mou.sr/3yYaWFm)
For F1, the initial plan was to use https://mou.sr/3Z5z6se or similar, unfortunately this fuse can easily be blown if the power input gets disconnected while the motors are running. My guess is that the capacitor C7 discharge quickly into the motors and generate enough current to burn this fuse.
We ended up removing this fuse and replacing it with solder (or 0ohm resistor).


Thanks for your reply. I still don’t know the specific product models of R6, please let me know

Sorry for missing your second question.
R6 is the 4mOhm shunt resistor, and is https://www.mouser.fr/ProductDetail/Vishay-Dale/WSK25124L000FEA?qs=fncU5wK7Cm%2F2vXZxEEV1QQ%3D%3D