New Motors, cheaper and more torque?

I think I have found a much better motor than the existing T-Motor. SunnySky the $37.85 650kv version provides 0.319 Nm (25 Amps /650 Kv * 8.3) if that calculation is correct, which is more than the current 0.27Nm.

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thanks for sharing - this motor looks like a good alternative.
And the price is really attractive!

The SunnySky motor is about 30g heavier compared to the Antigravity 4004 motors with 53g.
The dimensions are pretty similar so it should be possible to use it with some modifications to the actuator modules.

According to the webpage they use a “patented stepped and knurled design” to attach the rotor to the motor shaft - you can also see it in the pictures.

For our robots we remove the motor shaft and replace it with a custom motor shaft.

So I’m not sure how easy it would be to remove the motor shaft and especially if there’s an easy way to attach a custom motor shaft to the rotor. In contrast to the Antigravity motors it looks like there are no set screws on the rotor.

Please let us know if you test this motor.
Best. Felix

Picture source: SunnySky USA

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Yeah I did not see that until after I had purchased two motors. My plan is to alter your leg design to accommodate not replacing the shaft with a longer one, this will add weight. This will also require redesigning the small pulley. To achieve the same torque as the current design, I can use a lower gear ratio. I’m hoping that this will allow me to make a gear that is big enough not to break (I will be 3d printing it, maybe with nylon filament). I have the resources to build 1 leg, so i will do some testing and share my findings here.

Hi Matt,

o.k. - sounds good!

Yes - please share your findings - I’d be very interested to hear about your design and your experiences with the SunnySky motors.

Best. Felix