Compiling blmc_robots package - Problem with Eigen3

Hi! My team is trying to compile and run the blmc_robots package, as well as its dependencies. We used ROS2 with the colcon build tool to speed up the build process.

Our strategy was to build the project incrementally. First we built the lower level packages, such as Eigen3, yaml-utils, pybind11, etc. This allowed us to have all the dependencies to build the blmc_drivers package, which is a dependency of the blmc_robots package.

However, when we built the blmc_robots package, we ran several build errors. These were not dependency errors, but it appears as though there is some inconsistency between the latest version of blmc_robots on GitHub, and the latest version of Eigen3 on GitLab.

Although this is most probably a problem on my end, do you know if the latest version of Eigen3 is compatible with the latest version of the blmc_robots package? If not, could you recommend a version of Eigen3 that works? Thank you!

Oh wait never mind - I just realized that I pulled an “in progress” version of Eigen3 from GitLab, instead of a mature “released” version. Reverting back to a Eigen3.2 solved the problem.

The project now compiles well. Thanks you! This took me quite a bit of time, and there is some hidden knowledge about how to fulfill the dependencies that I had to search for, so please ask if any of you robot builders are having problems too. I’m thinking of writing a step-by-step installation guide for ODRI on ROS2.

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In general we used the default Eigen version on debian for ubuntu18.04.
We stick to these long term versions.
A post will appear when we will switch to 20.04

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For anyone reading this in the future:

  • The blmc_robots package does not exist anymore.
  • The build and compilation process has been made much simpler, thanks to the treep repository manager. The instructions are found here: GitHub - open-dynamic-robot-initiative/solo .