CAN Card alternative

Hi ODRI community,
Can you please share with me any alternative to PCI CAN Card. What is the purpose of using it in leg stand ?. Can I use something else instead of this Card or any other similar to one ?. One thing I should here that the company has stopped manufacturing this dual channel card and the next versions are very costly enough ?. I have managed to get other things but for this I am not able to find any solution to it. I need your little help in just finding out any alternative to it. What should I do?. What should I use ?. Please help me out.

Best Regards,
Aman Jiwani


Are you sure, that dual channel card is not manufactured anymore? Somehow I get this information from time to time, but not sure where it is coming from. At least so far it can still be bought on the PEAK website (model number IPEH-003027). It is only the four-channel version that is not produced anymore.

Regarding alternatives: We tried to use the PEAK’s “PCAN-PCI Express FD” card some time ago. The motor boards don’t support CAN FD but in theory the card should be backward compatible. However, it didn’t work very well. It seems that the driver for those doesn’t work well with the high frequency communication we are using (it could be improved a bit by modifying parameters in the drivers but still wasn’t really good; see my corresponding discussion with the PEAK support). So I wouldn’t recommend using the FD cards from PEAK (anyway it’s more expensive than the non-FD version).

Apart from that, we never tested any other card, so I’m afraid I can’t suggest any alternative.