A suggestion for code implementation

Coding in c/c++,there is a very detailed thing: when we declare a variable,especially the member variable of a c++ class, we assume that variable is initialized automatically,but it is not in sometimes,it depends on the compiler.
For example,there is a Motor class in master_board project:

class Motor
  double kp;            // [A/rad]
  double kd;            // [As/rad]

  position = 0;
  position_offset = 0;
  velocity = 0;
  current = 0;
  is_enabled = false;
  is_ready = false;
  index_toggle_bit = false;
  has_index_been_detected = false;

  enable = false;
  enable_position_rollover_error = false;
  enable_index_toggle_bit = false;
  enable_index_offset_compensation = false;

kp,kd are not explicitly initialized in its constructor,then kp,kd may not be zero sometimes,this will cause a wicked bug.

I have been testing blmc_drivers,master_board_sdk in Centos,ubuntu,and raspberry pi,met this situation happen time to times,especially on those OS without large memory,like raspberry pi.

I think it is a good habit that initialize all variables explicitly.