Seeed Masterboard v2 & uDriver v2 Order Errors

Hey all,

I have a question about ordering the masterboard v2 and udriver v2 from Seeed. Originally I was copying
jviereck’s order, but didn’t push the order through due to supply shortages. Now I’m back and pre-ordering them. However, there seems to be some problems with the gerber files according to the current engineer I’m working with (and I have no experience with PCBs ^^").

I’m using the same BoMs that Julian used in his Seeed order and the gerber & assembly files were from the main branch of the electronics github.

For the uDriver_v2:

I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “confirm the integrity of the components.”

For the MasterBoard v2:

Similar to the uDriver, looks like L1, U3-U6 need their integrity confirmed, whatever that means? The package of 0402 also seems to be the wrong size. I noticed that this thread mentions it but I couldn’t find a confirmed fix: BOMs for MasterBoard.

I would greatly appreciate any pointers or help.

Hi Roy,

For the uDrivers:
I think the 6 resistors are the bottom shunt resistors that we used to place manually after PCB assembly. You can have a look at this instruction here: open_robot_actuator_hardware/ at master · open-dynamic-robot-initiative/open_robot_actuator_hardware · GitHub

You can choose to ask seeed to solder those resistors for you, or ignore them and do it yourself.

For the master board:
Those issues have been addressed and are in a pending pull request: PR98

You can have a look at the latest version on my fork here: GitHub - thomasfla/master-board: Hardware and Firmware of the Solo Quadruped Master Board
Note that I decided to remove the prepared BOM for seeed as this file was not automatically generated, and all fab house demand a different format. You can, however, easily recreate this from the exhaustive BOM: master-board/esp32_master_board.csv at master · thomasfla/master-board · GitHub

Hopes this helps,


Hey Thomas,

Thank you very much for the detailed and fast response! :slight_smile:

That reply definitely helped me a ton. I’ve resubmitted a modified BOM and for the uDrivers and also resubmitted your fork of the Masterboard gerber file and converted the .csv to a xlsx.

Hopefully this resolves all the issues, but I may come back again with some more questions about this, so apologies in advance.

Thanks again and take care!

@Roy Do they have the components back in stock?

Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately they do not, I’m making a preorder at the moment since the projected timeline for the parts to come available again is in October. My plan is to have my order in so that once the parts come in they can start assembling immediately.

Hey Thomas,

Just a quick follow up question:

I got a reply from Seeed and there’s one more concern which I’ve posted below regarding the Masterboard.

I’m assuming that this shouldn’t cause any major issues and I should just tell them to go ahead? Just wanted to double check though with the experts haha.

Hi Roy,

Good to know. We might change the footprint for a future revision, but has you say, this won’t affect the board assembly since the size is correct.

Good luck with the order!


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  1. I spoke to BetaLayout and they mentioned that components for Microdriver and Masterboard are not available with big leadtimes (unspecified). In short they did not appear very interested. Is the alternative supplier now Seeed? And, is it true that the lead time is now October?
  2. My understanding is that if you have the TI evaliuation boards and booster pack, you dont need the MDriver. is that correct?
  3. Further, you can test the motors in closed loop without the masterboard until then, correct?

I have started the project recently and got the parts 3d printed and most parts arrived - just struggling with the masterboard and MDriver.

Thanks in advance,


Hello All, making an order with SEEED for the uDriverV2. They posted this issue, I presume this is normal?

Issue: There is not solder mask opening in the pad, is that normal?

Looks like this is the bottom layer, per photos on github looks like there is now opening so I instructed Seeed to continue as is.

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