Maximum speed of solo 12?

Hello what’s the maximum speed of the solo 12 in a hard flat surface?

Hi @Daniel70928 you can find some informations here for recent results using RL:

There is no written numbers in the body of the paper, but you can extract the numbers from the figure $V_{x,max} \equiv 0.9$ $V_{y,max} \equiv 0.5$ $V_{yaw,max} \equiv 1.3$

You can also contact directly the author of the paper Michel Aractingi.

For a model based approach in the PhD Thesis of @paLeziart available here: Locomotion control of a lightweight quadruped robot - Équipe Mouvement des Systèmes Anthropomorphes
p 123 in the manuscript ( p.132 on the PDF) it is
$ V_{x,max} \equiv 0.8$ $V_{y,max} \equiv 0.5$ $V_{yaw,max} \equiv 1.3$.

You may find other feedback from other publications:
OPT-mimic for instance from the group of Pr. Van de Panne.


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